Consensus Conference Co-organized by
Brighton Collaboration Foundation

Scientific Committee

Sharon Bergquist
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Karen Bok
National Vaccine Program Office
Jan Bonhoeffer
Brighton Collaboration Foundation (Chair)
Linda Eckert
University of Washington
Paul Heath
St. George's University of London
Steven Hirschfeld
National Institutes of Health
Sonali Kochhar
Global Healthcare Consulting
Flor M. Muñoz
Baylor College of Medicine
Pieter Neels
Mirjana Nesin
National Institutes of Health
Ajoke Sobanjo-TerMeulen
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


The aim of this conference is to highlight progress in harmonizing safety monitoring of immunization in pregnancy and to develop consensus recommendations for a globally concerted approach.

  • To discuss new safety data from immunization in pregnancy studies
  • To identify converging stakeholder needs and requirements for high quality data
  • To review new standards and tools for safety monitoring, including terminology
  • To build consensus on best practice guidance for monitoring vaccine safety in pregnancy

Outcome and Deliverables
  • Shared understanding of the challenges of monitoring immunization in pregnancy
  • Shared understanding of potential solutions for a collaborative way forward
  • Consensus on the need for a globally concerted approach
  • Recommendations for a road map towards optimal safety data based on a globally harmonized approach

This meeting will bring together regulators, scientists, academia and industry experts to help resolve existing challenges of safety monitoring of immunization in pregnancy and to reach conclusions that will be valuable to a globally concerted approach.

This conference is inspired by the work performed within the GAIA project by partners and volunteers worldwide.